How to preserve and increase your business


VVP Group specializes in the supply of electronics, accessories as well as services in logistics, finance, marketing and market research. The company cooperates with global manufacturers.

Price protection

Don’t lose money on declining prices. VVP Group provides price protection to all clients. The price decline of the products you’ve bought less than 20 days ago will be fully compensated by us.

Personal manager

We provide a personal manager to resolve all issues related to loads, delivery, payments, marketing campaigns and other activities. To improve the quality of service, we are always glad to receive feedback from you.

Increase sales

To sell the product you need to have it on your shelf. Often the suppliers are out of stock on certain positions, and you cannot purchase everything you need. This way you lose sales. Our forecasting experience and special approach allow us to reach 94% product availability rates. You will always have the necessary products to sell. Learn more about how VVP Group saves you money by helping to optimize stock.

Decrease staff costs

Save time on placing and tracking orders – our online system will allow to always see current available stock, prices and promotions. Orders can be placed in minutes. After placing the order you can easily track its movement.

Additional services

+15% ROI

Retail Management System (RMS) – our system, developed together with three leading maths universities, helps you to order only the products that sell. It analyzes your past sales and stocks of every product at every point of sales and calculates which products you need to get rid of, which ones to order and how to stimulate sales.

Service is provided free of charge


RMS – ERP configuration, specially tailored for mobile phones retail. Besides standard business processes RMS has promotions, loyalty cards, staff motivation, internal points of sales messaging, returns and repairs. We constantly add new functionality.

Service is provided free of charge

-14 turnover days

Decrease warehousing cost or even close your warehouse. Receive all the products you need directly at your points of sales. We will plan, pack and ship the products separately to every point of sales. This way you don’t need to consolidate the merchandise from different suppliers on your warehouse, unpack, sort and repack for each point of sales.

Service is provided free of charge

Demand generation

Our marketing team will help you to receive vendor marketing budget and to run a promo campaign to increase sales. We will help to select and organize the best format to achieve maximum marketing ROI.

Service is provided free of charge

Supply conditions

By agreement, the following delivery conditions apply:

  • Pickup
  • Delivery to the buyer’s warehouse

Terms of payment:

  • Prepayment
  • Lending
  • Factoring

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